De La Porte Doree Hotel

by Amy Fashion Blog

Day 4 of Paris
Old Navy Neon Orange Camper Shirt From the Recycling Center
Wallflower Curvy Bootcut Jean From the PX~25.47
Charoltte Ruse Gold Waist Belt From the Recycling Center~ FREE
Ugg Brown Boots Gift From Hubby From DSW

Hello Everyone. Today I'm share with you all the hotel we stay at in Pairs. We stay at De La Porte Doree Hotel. It was a nice 3 star hotel. It was beautiful inside. The room were small but that was fine with us. Since we were stay there to sleep and get ready in the morning. 
The Lobby
The only negative thing we had happen to us at the hotel was the water. You would be taking a shower and one minute its hot. The next it was cold. I was lucky and didn't have to many issue with this. My husband had issue with it and so did a friend.

The elevator was super same. We only rode it the day we took this picture. 

These picture were take on our last day in Paris. Which we all went to breakfast at Les cascades.
After breakfast we headed to the train station. Where we did some shopping. Which I was so excited that they had a Sephora is the train station. We went in and look around but I didn't picked anything up. Here in my part of Germany there is no Sephora around. I have to order all my makeup online from there store. 
My omelet from Les Casacades, Me outside of Sephora and the items I brought in Paris