Happy St. Patricks Day

by Amy Fashion Blog

WallFlower Heavy Bootcut Jeans From the Px~25.47
Brown Earring Gift From Oma
Flower Shell Necklace From Target From a Secret Sister Gift Swap
Brown Boots From DSW~ 41.97

Hello Everyone. Happy St. Patrick day. God is good. He was so on my side today. My husband text me this morning saying his bus got in to accident. I wasn't by my phone due to I was cleaning house. Well my phone started to ring and I ran to get it. It was my hubby telling me he was ok and that there had been an accident. I asked him if his other co-workers where okay. He said they where all fine but the bus driver. He told me the bus driver was passed out. At the time I was thinking he must have passed out from the accident. My hubby had to let me go that way he cloud call some more people and let them know what was going on and why they hadn't made it to work yet.  After I pulled myself back together. My hubby text me over picture from the accident.  Which had me all shaken up again.

 The picture where scary to see the bus went over the railing and in to a ditch. Lucky there where tree that stop the bus. Otherwise the bus would have rolled. The guys on the bus had brake a window. That way they could crawl out of the back of the bus. They are think the bus driver had a stroke at the wheel. So if you could say a prayer for his family. 
To some people what I'm going to say next might sound funny but I truly live by this. Make your bed everyday. If you make you bed every morning then your guardian angels will be with you. If you do not make your bed every morning then your guardian angels will still be sleeping and not with you. I make my bed every morning. 

On this St. Patrick day. Please everyone be safe. Also don't drink and drive. In the spirit of St. Patrick day. I'm wearing green so I don't get pinch. Also it was a great way for me to rediscover this green sweater. That I haven't worn since December of 2012.
Also is the spirit of St. Patrick's day we are having corn beef and cabbage for dinner. Its a tradition every year to eat it. I either make it or we go out to eat and have it. 

Also today I'm link up with H&K Style Journey, Just Another Smith  and The Cream to my Coffee for Green Week.