Semi Marathon de Paris 2014

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Pink Prada Glasses
Beige Sequin Coach Shoe V-Day Gift From Hubby(worn at night)
 Ugg Brown Boots Gift From Hubby From DSW( Worn during the day)

Hello Everyone. Today I'm here to talk about day 3 of my trip. Which was the Semi Marathon de Paris.
This is the whole reason I went to Paris. It was to support my 3 friend who were running the race. I will so be joining them next year for this race. I will be doing my first 5k on April 12th. 

My Friend before the race. Minus one. 

Even tho I wasn't running in this race. It was so much fun just being there to watch it. This was the first live marathon I have every watched. After my friends where line up and ready to start. My friend daughter and me. Yelled MAG as my friends ran by. The MAG is the first letter of there names.

At the starting line

As my friends ran the race. My husband and me watched there daughter. Which she was so fun to watch.  She all about taking picture. So we did a little bit of that. Then we had lunch. After lunch we meet up with my friends at the finish line. Which I'm super proud of them. I can't wait until I can  run 13 miles. Right now I can only run a mile and quarter.  Which I was tell my husband I don't think I will be ready for the 5k. Which he told me that I will be able to do it. He will be doing it right along side of me. 

The Paris sign. Which got trashed from the race. 

After the race. Me and my hubby went exploring. Since it was a Sunday. We just walked around. Due to store aren't open on Sunday in Europe. 

  On our exploring we find the EMS station. Which they have manikins in side of glasses. So we stop to take a picture of it. After are exploring we went back to the hotel to get our friends. So we could go eat dinner. 

We ate at Les Cascades. Since it was right across the street from our hotel. Which my one friend order snails. Which I try one. Man it was super hard to get the meat out of the shell. Plus none of us knew how to work the cracker. My husband decide to record me eating the snails. The video is pretty funny but it will not be going any where. I actually told him to delete it. Which he hasn't. My luck it will land on Facebook or youtube. The snail were pretty tasty.

Eating my paste