by Amy Fashion Blog

June 3rd, 2013
Lions Rhinestone Shirt Gift From Hubby(2012)
Dark Washed Bootcut Jeans Christmas Gift From My Mom and Dad
Reef Black,Pink and White From The Px~$49.99

Hello Everyone, I wore this outfit last monday to hang out with a girlfriend and her 5 year old son. I want to be comfortable but still cute. Since the weather was actually nice on this day. I decide to rolled up my bootcut jeans to make them cropped one. As for my shirt Hubby brought this shirt for me back in August 2012 at VS. I thought I had worn it on my blog before but when I look back to find out. It turn out that I didn't. 

Later on this day. I got a phone call from my dad. He wanted me to know that my step grandma M. Had a heart attacked and die. Of course after he told me that I was a wreck. Also it suck that I'm so far away from my family. That I can't be with them. I have talk to them a lot over the phone tho. I just wish plane ticket didn't cost so much. That way I could go back to Michigan and be this them. Lucky I have a loving family that understand that I can't be with them in this time of need.