Star Thursday Work Outfit and A&A

by Amy Fashion Blog

Black Pants From Target~24.99
Headbands Christmas Gift From Scribble(2011)
Star Earring From Alloy ~Super Old
Star Necklace From Target~1.00
Black Jelly Shoe From Kroger~1.25

Hello Everyone. I was going to wear the light blue t-shirt under this tank but it didn't like the look of it. So then I was going to do my pink blazer and hated that. My last pick was this cardigan and I loved it. Plus its been 4 months. Since I wore these items last. Also a new remix. Which if you been read my blog you know how I love my remix's outfit. Pretty soon I will have 400 remix outfit. 

As I'm driving to work this car next to me at a red light. Is like roll your window down. So I like ok. Maybe I have a brake light out. Nope that wasn't it. She saw my license plate. That say Army Veteran on it. Plus I have an Army sticker on my back window. So she asked who served and I told her my Husband did. Then she said please tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart. I told her I would.  Which I did. 

Now for Awkward and Awesome

~Walking around the mall with a Kroger bag. Due to I couldn't find a game day bag to return and item.
~Trying to drop freight wear a poncho. 
~Breaking my black glitter headband this morning. Hubby asked how was I going to wear it now.

~Almost hitting my goal weight