Monthly Recap: Purple Dress Shirt

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello everyone. Today Im doing my monthly recap. Which is the purple dress shirt from new York in company. That i brought back in march of 2010.  The reason I brought it was I needed more business causal clothes for work. Back at this time I was getting ready to work at DSW. Before I work for Charolette Russe and the dress  code was causal. So therefor I didn't own many dress shirt/button downs.

I can say I have got a lot of use out of this shirt for having it for 2 years. I have only worn it 8 times on my blog and a few time preblog days.  I wore it a lot last year mainly because it was apart of one of my 30 for 30 rounds.  What I love most about this shirt is the color of it. Also I'm happy it's starting to fit me better. Thanks to insanity.