30X30 DAY 12 ~ Lazy Day

by Amy Fashion Blog

Navy Blue Lace Cami From Old Navy-2.70~NEW (not pictured)
Jeans From Old Navy~26.55
Necklace From CR~7.99-40% off
Earring Gift From MIL Peggy
Vibaram FiveFinger Easter Gift From Hubby( not wearing them now but will when I go out.)


Hello Everyone. Happy Friday. I'm off today. So I'm having a lazy day. I haven't done much today. I woke up at 7am. Then I end up falling back to sleep on the couch as I was watching the news. Then woke back up at 10am. Only thing that I have done is wash clothes and did the dish. Tonight we are having Chinese food for dinner. So I will be going out to get it.  

 Priscilla decide to jump in to today pictures. It mainly has to do with it is raining out. Which she hate and wants to be up your butt. She wouldn't let me get out of the shower. She was blocking the shower door. I kept tell her to move. She finial got the hint and moved. Then she was right under me as I was drying off. She can be a pain sometime but I love her very much.

Here is my favorite song at the moment.

Also if you get a chance can you vote for Camille from I am Never Naked. Read About it HERE.