Guest Post~ Comet in The Sky Nail Art By Jennie

by Amy Bunch in

Hi everyone! My name is Jennie and I'm a nail polish addict enthusiast. Each Friday, I host a linkup called the nail files, where bloggers can post pictures of their manicures, polish recommendations, reviews, or anything else nail related. Every month, Amy links up her monthly nail roundups (which are always awesome!), and I was psyched when she asked me to write a guest post for her, while she's in Paris. And because she's so cool, I don't even hate her for going on an amazing trip when I'm stuck at home. Haha!

Now, because I'm a nail polish enthusiast, I'm into nail art, but sometimes, it's just too hard. And takes way too long. So when I saw OPI's Comet in the Sky, I thought--Wow! That glitter topper looks like galaxy nails in a bottle!

So, naturally, I bought it. ;)

Here's what I used it with:

And the mani!

For this look, I did two coats of Black Expressionism, instinct, and Figure of Art. When the base coats were dry, I added two thin coats of Comet in the Sky to my pinky, middle, and pointer finger.

Originally, I thought I'd keep the solid blue and bronze nails, but they stood out too much, so I whipped out a makeup sponge for a quick gradient on my pointer finger and thumb. If you're nervous about gradients, I did a video tutorial a little while back, that breaks it down (I promise it's not that hard!). 

Legit galaxy nails require a few coats of nail polish, followed by hand drawn details, but I think that Comet in the Sky does a fabulous job of achieving the same look, in way less time. Plus, the glitter topper isn't super sparkly, so I think you could pull off full glitter on each finger without it being too much. That said, my version of "not being too much" may be slightly skewed, as I love me some glitter. Haha!

Do you know of any nail art cheats? Or easy techniques that make a cool effect? Share them in the comments to spread the word, because we all need more easy in our lives, right?

Thanks to Amy again, for asking me to guest post! And if you're a blogger who loves nails, stop by the nail files on Fridays to link up!