BBCA DAY 1~ Comfty T-shirt and Jeans

by Amy Fashion Blog

Upclose of my Shirt to see the Pink
Michael Kors Pink, Orange and White T-Shirt Hand Me Down From L
 Crystal Jeans From CR~$7.49
UA Pink Socks From The PX~3 pairs for $10.99

Hello Everyone. Today is October so that mean it the first day of BBCA(blogging for Breast Cancer Awearness). This is my 4 year doing this. I just recently had a close friend who had a breast cancer scare. Her test came back that she didn't have it. I have lost a few friend and   family member to this Cancer. That why BBCA is so close to my heart. Not only do I wear pink everyday in October. I also go and research company's who donate to this cause as well. 

Today outfit is just pain Jane. Since I have became a housewife I don't dress up to much during the week. I mainly save that for the weekend. Plus the was no reason for me to dress up. Just to clean the house.
Today items for Breast Cancer is Hungry Howie's Pizza. For each pizza brought in October they will be donating money to research they are calling Love, Hope & Pizza.