Wednesday Lunch and Dinner Date

by Amy Fashion Blog

May 1st, 2013
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Happy Friday Everyone. I want to thank you all for your nice comments on my last post. They truley mean a lot to me me. Also thank you all for your support during this transaction  of me moving across country. Once I get fully settle in. I will be able to read your blog again. 

This is the outfit I wore on Wednesday to go have lunch with the girls. Then later on in the day I went to dinner with my hubby and his friend.  Which for dinner we went and ate at a bar. I have never been a beer drinker but since moving to Germany I have already have had 3 glasses of beer. Two where the glass size below and the last time a small one. I can't tell you the name of the bier I drink. Since I have no clue how to spell it but when I find it out. I will let you all know.

My awesome chesseburger