Valentine's Day Nails

by Amy Fashion Blog

Heart hole punch, Black Sharpie, O.P.I. And a cherry on top and
O.P.I. Already famous
Heart is O.P.I. Already famous

Hello Everyone. Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I want to share with you all my heart nails. I got the idea from ElleSees and Caitlin From Southern Curls and Pearls. 
Instead of drawing a heart on a piece of paper or tape. I used my heart hole punch it make the heart on a posted it note.  After my nails dry I outlined it in black sharpie. 
For this being my first time doing something like this on my nails. I thought it turn out good.

I did learn that you need to put top coat over the sharpie because it will wear off. By the end of my shift on Sunday I had no sharpie on my nails.So I re-outlined it and put top coat on it and it much better now.

Also for another Heart manicure go check out Crystal From Put some polish on it. Plus ElleSees put up another heart manicure that is much easier then this.
So go check out these lovely ladies blog out.