Holiday Cheer Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

    Black Pants From New York and Company~44.95~ I got them for 50% off
White Scarf Christmas Gift From Hubby(2011)
Snow Flake From the PX
White Pony O From Walmart
   Gotta Flurt Shoe Gift From Hubby for my Birthday~ 13.00 from DSW

Happy December 1st Everyone. Today I was going to wear my snowflake ornament shirt but the only problem in it has Old Navy write on the front of it. Which we aren't supposed to wear shirt that have other logo or name on them. So after I put the snowflake shirt on. I remember that I had this Holiday Cheer shirt. Which I haven't worn since last year. Also I have never wore it to work. So I decide I would give it a go today.

Also a little tip. If you have dirty tennis shoe. Use rubbing alcoholic on them and they dirt will come off. I just did it on these shoe today. Worked like magic. Now I need to get new white shoe lace for them and they will be like new.

   So now it is December 1st. Each day until Christmas you will see a Christmas item of the day picture that I have took.

Today item is Miss Priscilla. As I was decorating she decide to take a nap on the bubble wrap. Next to a Christmas Bag filled with decorations.