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1/4 Cup Mushroom

6oz Chicken Breast Tenders

1/4 Cup Bell Peppers

1/2 Cup Brown Rice

1/2 Broccoli

1/4 Egg White

2 Tablespoon Teriyaki Sauce 


 1. Cut up all your veg's and chicken

2. Lightly oil your pan. So the chicken doesn't stick to pan. Then place the cut up chicken in the pan. 

3. As the chicken in cooking add you egg whites and scramble them up. Once the eggs and chicken are cook then.

3. Add your mushroom, pepper and broccoli it to pan.

4. Add you  2 tablespoon of teriyaki in the pan.

5. stir and cover the pan with a lid.

6. Once the broccoli is soft its time to eat it.

 For the rice I cook mine in a rice cooker. Which takes an hour to cook. So as the rice is cooking. Then when I'm cutting up my veg's and meat.

Hello everyone.  So it the 4th of the month and that means it monthly recipe time.  For this month recipe it is chicken stir fry.  This meal is only 418 calories. Hubby is the one who came up with this recipe. When we were getting sick of eating the same time out of the Insanity cook book. Its pretty easy to cook. I just wish it wouldn't take so long for the rice to cook in the rice cooker. I normal make 4 serving of this. So we both and have it for dinner and lunch the next day.

Since it is my day off today I don't have a full outfit post. What have is mini picture of what I'm wearing. Which is my pj's. Have working 8 days straight I don't feel like getting dress. Plus I don't plan on going any where today. I will be change later to do my last fit test. Since today is the last day of Insanity. Which I have lost a total of 14.6 pounds.



and black polka dot pj's and I painted my nails



Maybelline Express 40 passing by pink and Rimmel 658 Sundae

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Today Breast Cancer Item is O.P.I. Pink Of Hearts 2012

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