It been 1 year since we brought our house

by Amy Fashion Blog


After we redid the landscape

Hallway Before

Hallway now. (Oma and Me 8-14-10)

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After. It bright and orange and yellow (Dad 12-25-10)

Me on inspection Day April 20, 2010

Master Before ~ previous owner stuff in room ~I hated the dark green
Master now~ much lighter and better looking

old floor 

New floor

  Hello Everyone. Tomorrow mark 1 year since we brought our first home. I can belive  it been a year already. So much has happen in this year of having are own home. On August 13 are dryer broken on us. Which wasn't fun do to we were having a family get together the next day. Then there was I broke the handle off the toilet. We had the dishwasher broke on us. So we got a new one. In December we are trap in our house due to it was getting painted outside. That was a boring day. On top of that I was on Vacation and had my parent here.  So many things have happen in this year of house ownership that I could go on and on but I won't. I can say I'm super happy to have this big house and able to have family visit me form out of town. I hope you enjoy see some of my house.