Having an Amazing Wednesday

by Amy Fashion Blog

Pink and White Abercrombie Shirt From  Abercrombie ~ Super Old
Maroon Tank From Target~5.00
Carpi From The Px~14.99
Ribbon came from Wash clothes From Target
Earring From CR~4.00- 40% off
Pink Flip Flop From Vs-15.50- Free with a Pink Vs Purchase

Hello Everyone. I hope you all are having a great day. I know I'm having an amazing one. Today Hubby take the day off due to he work a double yesterday. So we actually got to spend a day together since I had the today off too. Which you know that makes me a happy girl. Then some fun and exciting stuff happen today. As I was going thou my e-mail I saw one from Kaitlynn saying that I WON her GIVEAWAY. So that made me super happy. So around 2pm I went to the mailbox and there was a white package in there. It was my OPI SHATTER Nail polish. So I will be painting my nail with it tonight. I will post about it after I'm done. So I guess you can see why my day has been Amazing so far. 

Hubby got us Chinese for lunch. Which it was super yummy. We ate it and watched last week Grey Anatomy. Which this show is getting super good. Then after that we watched some poison break on netflix. Then I did my normal Wednesday errands.  Now I have to wash dinner dish and then I'm going to relax some more. I love days like today.

Here are some pictures of my pretty flowers that are blooming in my front yard. That we planted last year.
My Chanel's are blooming again. We planted them in the summertime Last year. Hubby picked them because they are pink. Isn't he a sweetie.

Not Sure what the name is for these flower are but they are blooming again too.