Day 12 30x30 ~ My Day Off

by Amy Fashion Blog

Pink Cami From CR~6.99~40% off ~Not Picture
Hydraulic Jeans From CR~7.99
Eye Glasses Necklace From Forever 21~1.50
Earring From Px~ 4.99
Pink and Orange and White Headband~ Super Old
CL Flats From DSW ~27.96

Hello Everyone. What a day I'm having. It took me over an hour to get donuts this morning. Why was this. I will tell you. I go to the close's Dunken Donuts. Park my car and go to walk in to find out there are under remodel and you can only go thru the drive thru. The line was so long. I didn't feel like waiting. So I called Hubby up can asked him where the next Dunken Donuts was. He told me and I find it. To find out is was in a Hess gas station. Which they didn't have the donuts we wanted. So then I had to back to the first Dunken Donuts. Which its not fun to order 2 dozen donuts thru the drive thru. So after I got them I was a happy girl. I came home and ate them. Then got ready for my next thing on my list. Which was get an oil change. As I was driving there. I got a phone call from my sister that my uncle just passed away. As I was talking her my dad was beeping in. So I let my sister go and talk to my dad. Which he was calling me to let me know the same thing. I want to cry but told myself Amy you are driving so that's not a good idea. I have sync in my so I wasn't holding the phone and driving. Just if you were wondering. 

So after the oil change. I got Chipotle for lunch which it was super good. Ate it and then took a small nap. Now I have to clean the house but don't feel like it. Who would like to come and clean it for me. I promise I would love you forever if you did. 


Heart Shape Donut

Chipotle Steak Bowl

Priscilla Taking a Nap on my legs.