Happy New Years and My 2010 Story

by Amy Fashion Blog

Happy New Years. I brought the new year in with a glass of champagne and wearing Pink. Also being with Hubby and Priscilla. Couldn't get better then that. At midnight MIL Peg called us to wish us a Happy New Year. It her little Tradition that she does every year seen we have been out of Michigan. One year she even work us up because we went to bed before midnight. 

So 2010 has come a gone. A lot happen in 2010.  The biggest thing that happen for me was I brought a house. The Saddest thing in 2010 was a lost a dear friend name Pat. She was battle cancer and she kept it a secret from her friend  until the last month she was dying. She was a truly amazing woman and will be truly miss by for Tropic Friends. The most stressful thing was my job at Charlotte Russe as an assistant manager. I lost so much weight I went for a size 7 to a 0 and kids size. I got told by my Dr. that I needed to quit. So I end up working there a little longer after my Dr. told me that and ended up putting my 2 weeks in. Before quieting  I had an interview at DSW. Which I got the job. I had a 5 day break in between jobs. After working at DSW for a month. I started to gain my weight back. I'm proudly to say I'm in a 4 now and slowly working on my weight goal. Which is 125. I have gotten there once this year but then went back down to 120. Which 120 is a great weight too. So now to the nicest thing I did it 2010 was I donated my hair to love of locks. Which I want to do for a long time. So I was happy to do it. Plan on doing it again in 2011. Also for hair news. I was brave and got bangs. Which if you have been following me you know I hated them at first but they ended up growing on me.  Then we can't forget the great 10 days I just had with My parents. Specially since I hadn't seen them in 2
years.  So I can say I had a great 2010 it had its up and down but over all it was a great year. So Now to another great year.  I hope you all enjoy my little story.

For Today No Cute outfit becuase I have to get my house back in order after my 10 day off and no cleaning. Which 10 days of not  cleaning is a record for me.
Me having a drink for the New Year