Shoe Lover T-Shirt Today @ Work~BBCA Day 16

by Amy Fashion Blog

Shoe Lover Shirt~ Free From DSW(due to I work there)
Hydraulic Jeans From CR~7.99
Pink Bracelet From the Dollar Tree~.50cent
Earring From I'm not sure
Headband From Some Store in Germany
Pink and Black Belts From Target~2.50
Pink Heels From Target

Hello All. Happy Shoe Lover Day and Happy Sweetest Day. Which one are you celebrating today. For me it both things. Hubby and Me got a cold stone creamy cake to celebrate today with. If you haven't heard of Sweetest day you can read what it is about HERE. I grow up in Michigan. No wonder no Florida People knew what I was talking about today. For my bracelet to fix I had cut 3 beads off of it. So It would fit my wrist. I used Pink Foam curlers last night to do my hair. Which it turn out way better then the hot curlers. Which I think so that is. Also it lasted all day too. Also my bangs turned out bad today so I just put them back.

Today Item From Breast Cancer is Pink Cure.  Which a nice Co-worker of mine gave my a button from Pink cure which I wore today.

If you would like the shirt I'm wearing you can buy it HERE which is  It will cost you $9.99.