Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Amy Fashion Blog

Breast Cancer Support Shirt From CR~10.00 (from last year)
Pink Tank Top From VS~ 16.50 or 2 for 24
Ruby Light Jeans From CR~7.49 Normal 29.99(BOGO 50% off) on top of that another 50% employee discount
Earring From H&M~ Got them in Germany
Pink Pony O From Walmart
Pink Flip Flop From Target~1.00

Hello All. So it the first of the month and it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which I highly support. I have many family member who have breast cancer and many who have die from it. So that my main reason I support this cause. It has nothing to do with the color being Pink. Yes Pink is my favorite color but that not the reason I support this cause. 

So today I went to the dollar store. I was in the search for a Halloween Necklace but I had no luck. I did find this Pink girls dress up necklace for a 1.00. It came with a bracelet too but its to big for me. The necklace goes great with my shirt I have on. When I went to Publix I got a Think Pink reuseable bag for .75cents. 10% of the sale goes to breast cancer awereness.

I was looking at and they have tons of cute stuff to support this month.  Here is a link to the Vera Vera Wang Pin. I might get it is $5.00. You can view it HERE.

If you follow me on Facebook. I will be adding a Breast Cancer Album with picture over the year. There will be more blogs on this subject.