My Writing Process

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Hello Everyone. I was tag by


 back in August to do the my writing process tag.  So here we go.

What I am working on?

I working on bringing you all my Old Navy haul post. Also brainstorm new outfit idea. Along with post for my non outfit days.

How does my work differ from other blogs?

I try my best to be different from other fashion blogger by bring outfits that everyday women can wear. Plus try my best to make them afford for all types of budgets. Beside showing my outfits. I try to bring other fun things to my blog like my travels, how I paint my nails and recipe post.

Why do I write what I do?

I write about fashion because it truly makes me happy to showcase my outfit. I find fashion to be fun and I love to come up with new ways to wear clothing items. Which I hope it help other women to think outside of the box as well.

How does your writing process work?

I use a blog calendar to keep myself organize. Which for my non outfit days. I pre-plan what I'm going to write about. It can be anything from beauty to something about my life. On outfit day my post are written about my outfit and maybe what I'm doing that day. 

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