Layering For Fall

by Amy Bunch in

Hello Everyone! Today I'm here to share with you some layer idea for a business casual work environment.  Not only can you wear these outfits to work. You can wear them to a nice dinner or just out and about.   In this post I will be showcase outfits for both men and women. 

Layering For Fall

To kick this post off. I will first start off with the mens layering idea. Unlike women who have tons of way to layer there clothes.  Men are very limited to with what they can layer. Most men wear a undershirt under there shirt. Which if they get to hot out. They don't have to opinionated to remove there shirt. 

Since a white basic shirt is not work appropriate.  Here are a few layer idea for men. That are work appropriate. If they get to hot they can just remove the sweater or vest.

  • A long or short sleeve dress shirt with a sweater over top of it.  
  • A long or short sleeve button up with a cardigan over it. 
  • A nice sweater or button up with a vest over it

One of Ant go to fall layering item is a vest. He own a few thick puffer vest. Which his favorite vest is the one featured in the photo up above.  He also owns a few thin vest as well. 

If the man in your life is looking for a great undershirt to keep with nice a cool. When they are layering for fall.  Plus don't have to worry about them coming untuck. Then you must check out Tommy Johns Undershirt Line

When it come to fall I'm all about layering my clothes. As a women we have so many different way to layer are clothes.  Unlike men do.  A few of my favorite way to layer an outfit. Are the following. 

  • A collared shirt with a sweater over it.
  • A dress shirt or collared shirt with a cardigan over it. 
  • A vest over a collared shirt or a sweater.
  • A phono over a solid long sleeve shirt. 
Layering For Fall

A great way to get more use out of your dresses in the colder months. Is to layer a cardigan or sweater over it. That way you get the most out of your dresses. Plus can wear them all year round. Also don't forget to wear a fun pair of tights under your dress to keep you legs warm during the colder month.