My 2015 in Review

by Amy Bunch in

Hello Everyone. Today I'm doing my 2015 in review.  I want to thank each and everyone of you. Who read, comment and follow my blog. Also also want to thank all the company who reached out to me. To review there products or just write a post for them. It means a lot to me.  2015 was a full of Change's. For me personal and on the blog. 


January 2015

In the month of January. I took my first snow outfit photo. Which was fun but cold at the same time.  Also this month I showed you all what was in my gym bag. A big thing that was going on this month. Was I was redoing my house. 

One thing I started doing in this month was currently post. 

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February 2015

In February I took a big leap and moved my blog off of blogger. On to Squarespace. Which I very happy with my move.  One of the scariest thing that happen this month. Was a World War II bomb was find not to far from my house. One of the saddest thing happen this month. Was I lost my family dog. 

One thing I started doing this month was monthly outfit recaps. 

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March 2015

In March I got to knock off a few things on my bucket list. One was to run in a half marathon in Paris. The other item on my bucket list I got to across off was going up in to the Eiffel Tower. 

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April 2015

In April I decide it was time for a hair change. So I added blonde highlight to my hair.  Also during this month I hit 700 Remix Outfits.  This month I ran in the Freedom Run. 

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May 2015

In May I went to Burg Eltz and Cochem castle. 

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June 2015

In June I enter the workforce again. After being a housewives for 2 years. Which is so nice to work outside of the home again. Also this month I got a bad eye infection. A big thing that happen to me this month was I started to loss some weight. Which made me so happy. 

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July 2015

In July I turn 30th. Which was spent on the beach in Barcelona. Also this month my blog turn 5 years old.  This month I did a Fun in the Sun Box Swap. 

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August 2015

In August I celebrated my 11 years wedding anniversary. 

One thing I started doing this month was more tag post. 

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September 2015

In September I visited the Neuschwanstien castle. Also known as Cinderella Castle. Which I was so happy to be able to knock this off of my bucket list.  This month I started working full time at my job. 

On of the bravest thing I did this month. Was step out of my comfort zone and do a bra and panty photo shoot. 

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October 2015

In October I hosted my 4th annual BBCA(Blogging for Breast Awareness) with my Co-host Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood .    

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November 2015

In November I got to knock some more items off my bucket list. Which were going to London, Harry Potter Museum and the London eye. A bonus thing I did in London was go to an NFL game. Which my Lions were playing in.  Also this month I got blue contacts. 

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December 2015

In December I hit my 800th Remix Outfit. Also this month was full of festive active. 

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