Review: Ankit Contact Lens Case

by Amy Bunch in

Disclaimer: As a member of the Tomoson  affiliate program, I was sent this product in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Review: Ankit Contact Lens Case

Hello Everyone. Today I'm here to introduce you all to an online company called Ankit.  Which Ankit sell tons off fun items. From contact case, phone case to home decor.  If you don't like to shop online. You can also find there products at Forever 21, Guess, Wet Seal and 8000+ store. 

As most of your know already. I have to wear glasses or contact 24/7. Since my eye are bad. I have an negative 3.50 in both of my eyes. So I was super happy when Ankit. Reached out to me. To do a review on the daisy contact lens case

Review: Ankit Contact Lens Case.

Not only is this contact lens case. Super cute and fun. You can use it for 2 months before you have to throw it away. Which I love.  

Review: Ankit Contact Lens Case

This Daisy Contact Lens Case is leak proof.  So you don't have to worry about your contact solution leaking out. When you have your contact lens case in your purse or in any other type bag. Which is a huge plus for me. Since I carry my contact case on me. When I have my contact in. 

Review: Ankit Contact Lens Case

One thing I like about this case it that the back of it is clear. So therefor you can see if you got your contact in the case or not.  Over all I'm super happy with this contact case. 

This Daisy Contact Len case is available in black  and white. You can purchase your own at Ankit for 6.80 dollars.