Review: The New Improved Swaag Box

by Amy Bunch in

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose.  All opinions are my own.

Review: The New Improved Swaag Box

Hello Everyone.  I'm back with another  Swaag box review. Which is now called tomboxes. I first reviewed one of there boxes in December.  Which I was over pleased with there box. I was so happy when tomboxes contacted me again. To review there new improved boxes. 

Review: The New Improved Swaag Box

Tomboxes is a feminine hygiene subscription box. With this box you get your favorite kind of pads or tampon. Along with some makeup and  jewelry. For the low cost of 10 dollars. The cost all depends on what type of box you pick. 

Inside of the Tomboxes

One of the item Tomboxes improved in there new boxes. Is how they send there makeup. With the old boxes. The makeup would come in bubble wrap.  Which now the makeup comes in cute little boxes. Not only did they up there makeup packages.  They also upped there makeup game. They used to send drugstore products only. Now they are sending both drugstore and well named products. Which make me super happy. 

Single boxes

The Pink beautiful box is the single box. Which is what you would get if you do the single box opposition.  In this box I got. 

  • Cool Way Cool cleanse & hydrate Shampoo
  • Maybelline New York Color Tattoo by Eye studio 24 hour in 30 pomegranate ( which I also got this in my last box)
  • Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn balancing facial cleanser
Double Box

If your get the double box. You will get a purple beautiful box along with you pink beautiful box.  In this box you will get.

  • Givenchy Very Irresistible eau de toilette
  • Caiyn Carnival glitter in G16 gold digger
  • Dancin' goat moisturizer
  • Skone Cosmetics Lux Doubler eye& lip pencil in 14 girlypink

All the makeup is pick for you by a quiz you feel out. So every box is different. My box is for someone with medium skin tones. Like me. 

Tomboxes Jewelry

One of the thing I wasn't happy with in my last Tomboxes. Was the jewelry. Due to I was sent two bracelet. That one were to big for me. Plus something I don't wear.  So I have to tell you all I'm overly pleased to be send Jewelry that I will actually wear.  The necklace is very different and haven't seen anything like it before. 

Overall I'm super happy with all the improvement Tomboxes has made to there new boxes.  You can subscribe here for you very own box.