WIWW: Black Freshwater Pearl Earrings

by Amy Bunch in ,

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I was given the 9mm Button Black Freshwater Earrings from Pearl&Clasp for free to try out. All opinions are my own. 

Hello Everyone. Today I'm here to introduce you all to Pearl&Clasp. There an online jewelry company. That specialize in selling pearls.  They sell your classic white freshwater pearl to black freshwater pearls. There store offers earrings, bracelets and necklace. 

Not only does Pearl&Clasp sell pearl jewelry. They can also restore your pearl for you. You just mail your pearls to them via FedEx or USPS. Then they will mail your pearl back to you when it done. Its simple and easy. It also save's you time from having to find a jeweler that can restore pearls. 

Pearl&Clasp was nice to send me there 9mm Button Black Freshwater Earrings. Which these earring also come in pink and white. Which I'm bet you all surprised I didn't pick the pink one. These earring was super nice. The back stay on them.  Which is super nice. Plus you don't have to worry about losing the back. Which I know I hate when that happens. 

The best part is you can dress the earring up or down. Which I like.  Plus you can never go wrong with a classic pearl earring. Which you all know I love wearing my pearls. 

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