Random Sunday

by Amy Bunch in

Hello Everyone. As some of you might have noticed that I didn't post on Thursday or Friday. Well that due to I got my husband nasty cold. Which I'm still fighting it off. I can tell you all that I'm doing much better then I was a few days go. I hope you all like my new blog site. I'm still learning my way on it. So please bare with me. 

Ticket to ride

When I wasn't sleeping or working on this new blog. I was playing ticket to ride Europe with my husband. 

random Sunday

On Thursday and Friday. My home for most of the day was  sitting on the couch with my fuzzy blanket on me. I can't tell you how many Dr. Who I fall a sleep to. All I know is I slept a lot the last few days. 

Random Sunday

On Tuesday my washing machine decide to stop working on me. Which I was not happy about. The repair guy came out on Wednesday but couldn't do anything to it.  Do to he didn't have the part. On Thursday I got a call that the part came in. Which I was super happy about. So on Friday the washing machine was fix again. 


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