Review: Farmacy Beauty New Day

by Amy Bunch in

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Review: Farmacy New Day

Hello Everyone. I'm back with another Farmacy Beauty Product Review. The product I will be sharing with you all today is New Day. Which is a gentle exfoliating grain with enchinace greeneny. I have been testing this product out now for a few week and love it. 

Review: Farmacy Beauty New Day

One reason why I have been loving the New Day. Is it get your face super clean. I use makeup removing wipes at night. Which I have been thinking they have been get all my makeup off. Well I was wrong.  One morning I used the New Day before my shower. As I wipe off the New Day I looked at my washcloth and it had left over foundation on it. That the makeup wipe. Didn't get off. 

Review: Farmacy Beauty New Day

When using the New Day all you need in a quarter size amount. In the picture above I used a little more then that. To show you all what the grains look it. After you put the gains in your palm or hands. Mix it with water and it will foam. 

Review: Farmacy Beauty New Day

Then gentle put it on your face and rub it in circle motion. After you done putting it on your face and working it in. Then rinse it off. I use a washcloth to get the product off my face. Then pat dry your face. You will then feel you face being to tighten up. Plus you skin will be smoother.  

Review: Farmacy Beauty New Day

Some main ingredients in New Day are

  • Natural Cranberry Seeds
  • Rice Bran Powder

You can purchase New Day at 

For 30.00 Dollars


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