Guest Post: Penthouse Pink For BBCA By Thoughtfullens

by Amy Bunch in , ,

Hello Everyone.  Today I have Lexi From Toughtfullens filling in for me. While I'm away. Lexi is here to talk to you about her pink manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

 photo penthouse pink notd_zps7dwdolti.jpg

This nail of the day is special to me because it's the first time in weeks since I've sat down to paint my nails. L'Oreal's Penthouse Pink polish is a pretty, light pink that reminds me of Barbie.

If I find this type of pink shade from another beloved nail polish brand, I will try it right away, because I don't really like the formula of this L'Oreal version. There I am clutching my Midori notebook, which I'm in love with, btw ↑ ♥

nd have you tried the OPI Nail Envy base coat yet? I was way late to the game, but now I like it a lot. It makes my nails feel stronger and grow longer, woohoo! That's what I'm wearing underneath the pink polish. After moving half way across the country, packing, unpacking, etc, it felt so good to sit down and give myself a quick (drugstore) mani/pedi.

Speaking of pedi, Essie's Go Ginza is what I painted on my toes. Not brave enough to show those piggies to you,though...yet LOL! But Go Ginza is a pretty, pastel blue-violet that I picked up from the drugstore when the spring collection came out.

Thanks to Amy for giving me an excuse to treat myself to some "me time" to paint my nails! ♥ What do you like to do in your spare time? Thanks for reading!