Hello 2015

by Amy Fashion Blog in


HAPPY NEW YEARS.  I hope you all have a great 2015. 

Today I sharing my top 10 favorite of 2014

1. Favorite Song-  Cool Kids by Echosmith, Shake it off by Taylor Swift and Becky G Shower

2. Favorite Trip- Paris was my most favorite trip last year. 

3. Favorite Alcohol Drink- Banana Beer

4. Favorite movie- Frozen

5. Favorite Desert- Bailey Brownies  

6. Favorite Night Out- My Birthday~ When I ate amazing food on a boat in Prague

7. Favorite Food- Shrimp

8. Favorite Book-  I try reading one book last year and didn't finish it.~ So no favorite book.

9. Favorite Summer Day-  The Music Fest on June 16, 2014

10. Favorite Journey- My travel in Europe last year, Berlin, Paris and Prague 

Thank you all for your wonderful support during 2014.