BBCA 7: Review: Rainbow Flower Pattern Water Decal

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I was given the water decals for free to try

out. All opinions are my own. 

Rainbow Flower Pattern in XF1401

Hello Everyone. Today I'm here to talk about these water decals that I got from

Born Pretty Store.

Which they were nice to send my

4 packs


water decal

to try out. If you have been around my blog you know I love doing my nails. I was super excited to be sent these water decal to try out. I have never used water decals before. So I thought I would give it a try.

For today review I'm using the

Rainbow Flower Pattern in XF1401


 I decide to use these flower ones. Do to the have a hint of


in them. Which they work prefect with my


(Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness

) month.  These water decals are super easy to use. 

You just pick out what decal you want to use. Then place it in a some water for 10 to 20 seconds. After they have sit in the water for the needed time frame. You pick them up and slide the white back off and place them on your nails. Which I have to tell you all the first time I did this. I put the decal on backward. Which I was able to just pull it off. I was so happy that I didn't ruin the decal at all. After I got the decal off my nail. I placed it on the right way. Then I held a paper told to it to soak up the water. The instruction say to blow dry the decal. Instead of blow drying it. I place my hand under my UV Light for a few second. Then I topped it all off with top coat.

Revlon scented Parfume in 360 Bubble Gum. Under the Decals I used O.P.I. A-Ha Moment

The two colors I used for this manicure are a


and a white. I'm so glad I decide to use a white to go under the water decals. Due to I had a few spots where I didn't get the decal on all the way. With using the white polish. Everything just blend together and looks good. Over all I'm super happy with this water decal.  Not only are the in my price ranges. They are easy to use and come off with regular nail polish. 


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