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Hello Everyone. Today I'm going to share with you pictures that didn't make it in to my daily post. Over the last couple of months. Some are just straight up funny. Then there some I think to myself. What in the world was I doing. As blogger we all have some kind of pictures like these. 

 Eye closed photo's. 

For some odd reason I close my eye a lot when taking blog photo's. It drive my husband up a wall. Also don't ask me what I was doing in the last photo because I have no idea. 

Hair Flips/Fixing my hair.

I try my best to move my hair out from the front of my face. That way I can show off the earring I'm wearing. 

Open mouth pictures

I wish I had an explanation for these photo's. I just don't. In no way or shape. I'm I trying to be Miley Cyrus. In other new when I have my mouth open I keep my eyes open. 

Blurry pictures

Some time we can't get the camera in focus.

 Fixing myself

Sometime I have to fix part of my outfit. Which that doesn't mean the camera stops rolling.

Last but not least two outfits. I took these photo for an outfit of the day post but they never made it to the blog. Due to I wasn't really happy with the outfits. 

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