Guest Post: Anniversary Date Outfit By Galaxia-Dawn

by Amy Fashion Blog in ,

Hello Everyone. While I'm away celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary. My friend Galaxia-Dawn is taking over the blog today. She here to show you all what  she wore on her anniversary. That was on July8.  Make sure you go over to her blog and say hi.


Hi, I'm Galaxia and I am not a model or fashion blogger!

But it's fun to pretend and I like my new dress with these strappy heels :) I wore the dress on my anniversary and it was comfortable in this summer sun and heat.

It's cool that there's a cutout in the back and it was 

pretty inexpensive at Target

! The strappy wedge heels I got for free a long time ago. I rarely wear them, but I think they look pretty!

I broke my modeling pose to smile and wave at you! Hopefully you enjoyed this outfit of the day and thanks to Amy for letting me take over her blog ♥