Birthday Wish list

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birthday wish list

birthday wish list




converse shoes

Converse shoes

, €56 /

Keds sneaker

, €29 /

Sugar Paper Happy Birthday Calligraphy Pink Card

, €4,38

1. Birthday cards from family and friends

2. Classic White Keds or White Converse in a size 8

3. Pink Fitbit Band

4. Old Navy Gift Cards

5. DSW Gift Cards

6. Notes from Amy Cards

Hello Everyone. My birthday is less then a month away. I decide I would share with you all my wish list.  One of my must items is birthday card. I love getting them and I save them all. Here and there I go back and read them all. They bring a smile to my face.  I also enjoy sending birthday card out. 

I have been wanting a pink fitbit band every since it got release last October. 

Don't forget tomorrow is National Pink Day.