WIWW: Rocken Pink Wednesday

by Amy Fashion Blog

Pink Prada Glasses
  Nine West Earrings From The Px
Stud Earrings Gift From Nicole of NYC on my Mind
Pink Flower From Family Dollar Store~1.50 
 Silver Sperry From the PX~17.97
 Happy Wednesday Everyone. It's crazy to think we are already in the middle of the last week of May. Where is this year going. People are already posting Christmas count downs on there facebook pages. Which I'm not even ready to think about that. Let enjoy the rest of spring and summer. Which the weather has been amazing here the last few days. So I been wear a good amount of tank tops. I actually brought this pink/white stripe tank and this beige vest at the same time. Today is the first time I have paired them together.   

In the second photo I was trying to hold my leg up to show you all my shoe but the camera was to fast for me. I still think the picture is cute and fun. So I had to share it. For my hair today I just pulled it up in a messy bun. Which I have no idea how I got the top of my hair to poof like that. I have try for many years now to do it and it never happen.
So I was super happy to see that I did the poof today. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know small things make me happy. I also try my best to show you all my hair details and jewelry.  With so bathroom selfie. 

 pleated poppy