Take Two

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Pearl Necklace From the PX
Pearl Earring From CR~4.00-40% Employee Discount 
Silver Glitter Headband From a Store in Germany
Silver Sperry From the PX~17.97
Happy Friday Everyone. I hope you all have been having a great week. Mine has been a crazy and semi-stressful one. It all started out on Monday when I went to the hospital to meet with the Dr. That would be doing my husband MRI on his shoulder on Tuesday.  When we meet with the Dr. She explained to us what was going to happen. Since there were sticking a needle of dye in to his shoulder. After she told us what was going to happen and we asked her the question we had. She told us we need to bring some blood work results in. 
 Which we thought we had but we didn't. So we called the family Dr. up and they told us to come in. So we walked to the Dr.s office. Since we don't live far from it plus we try not to drive are car a lot. Once we got to the family Dr. We walked up the 6 flight of stair and got the paperwork. My husband look at it and said we were good to go. I made him look at it again. Which I'm glad I did because we were missing two blood test. So we went back in to the family Dr's office and they were able to do the two test. 

Which we had to come back on Tuesday to get the result. That was the day of the MRI. So it work out good. My husband got the MRI on his shoulder done. Now we are just have to wait until Monday to hear whats wrong and what will happen. 

On top of my husband MRI. I find out my sister is in the hospital. Also on top of the my mom sugar drop low when she was out to eat at a restaurant. Which caused her to fall and brake her arm. 

So for today outfit I just want a simple outfit to wear as I do errands.