REVIEW: Ozeal Glasses

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Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher from OZEAL to pick a pair of glasses out.

All opinions are 100% my own


White Long Sleeve From Under Armor V-day Gift From Hubby

Denim Vest From Old Navy~


Skirt From Ross~5.99




Earring From CR~2.40

Diamond Studs Gift From Hubby(2007)

Blue Barrette From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance

Cait Baby Blue & Violet Glasses C/O Ozeal

Crown Vintage Nude Sandals From DSW~12.59

Hello Everyone, Today I want to introduce you all to an online glasses company called



 They carry all different kind of glasses from wood one to plastic ones. When they contact me first thing I did was checked out there website. I couldn't believe all the fun and cute glasses they had to offer. 

Also all the different options you had to choose from. You can choose how 

thick you want your lens to be. For me I went with a 1.60 thickness which is a 20 dollar extra charge. After you pick your thickness of your lens you get to pick what kind of lens coating you want.  Then you get to pick you lens tint. Which I went with a t

ransitions lens. 

Which if you don't know what transition lens are. They are lens that change in to sunglasses when they hit sunlight. Which I was super amazed at how fast these glasses change. As I was doing my makeup. I put my glasses on the window sill. When I pick them back up. They had already transition. 

Ordering glasses on


 is super easy to do. If you do run in to any problems as you are ordering your glasses. They have online customer support to help you out. Also OZEAL has coupon code you can use when ordering your glasses. There free shipping to the United States. Outside of the United States is 19.00 dollars.

When you get your glasses. They send you a nice hard case to store them in. Also a clean cloth to clean your glasses. 

*Skirt last worn in 2012

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