Pinterest Recreation Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Lia Sophia Earring Christmas Gift From my MIL Peggy Friend(2010)
Black Ribbon Not Sure Where It Came From 

Hello Everyone. After my morning run this morning. I had no idea what I want to wear. Then I remember that I had pin a hoodie and skirt combo. So I went to the computer and pulled it up. After I looked at for a minute. I went to the closet and pulled these items out. This skirt hasn't been worn since July 2012. I wear this hoodie a lot but don't take picture of me in it for the blog. The last time it was on the blog was October 2012.  

I was lucky to catch my hubby this morning to take my picture before we left for work. He told me that he didn't get this outfit at all and that it didn't make sense.My phone is in my hoodie pocket. That's why the pocket looks weird. 

Tonight we are going back to Waldgeist for dinner. With a few of are friends. Since are one friend has friends in from out of town. Don't worry I will not be drinking any beer tonight. Its my hubby turn to drink.