Pink, Black and Orange Weekend

by Amy Fashion Blog

Light Pink Cami From Forever 21-2.50
Wallflower Curvy Bootcut Jean From the PX~25.47
Black Circle Earring From The PX
Black Bead Necklace From The PX
 Black Butterfly Hair Clip Not Sure Where It Came From
Gotta Flurt Shoe Gift From Hubby for my Birthday~ 13.00 from DSW

Hello Everyone. First sorry these picture aren't the greatest. They were taken when I was in a rush to get out of the door on Saturday. To go to help my friend set up for her daughter birthday. Which she had a mind craft theme party it was super cute. My friend went way out for it. Each kid got a goodie bag to take home with them. At the party they each got a wooded box. To make in in to a jewelry box. They got a bag of gem to decorated it. Which I help some of the smaller kids with adding the jewels to there box. It was tons of fun. 
In the brown bag was the wooded box.
As for my outfit goes. I want to be comfortable but fun at the sometime. So I decide to wear this colorful shirt that my friend L handed down to me. I miss getting hand me down from her. She had the best item that she didn't want. This is the third time I have wore this shirt. Which the first time I wore it a button fall off of it. So on Saturday I decide to cut the button off of the shirt all together. Since I didn't see myself using them. 

My husband when he was deployed in 2005
On this Memorial Day remember the brave men and women who are serving this country. The past and present one. Plus are vets. Happy Memorial Day Everyone.