A Home Away From Home

by Amy Fashion Blog

Disclaimer: I was asked by DogVacay.com to write about there service. . I was not paid in any to do this. All opinions are 100% Mine

Priscilla playing in the snow Michigan 2013
 Hello Everyone, Today I'm going to share with your my home away from home. To each person there home away from home is a different place. It could be the gym, a local fruit stand or the library. When I got asked to write about my home away from home. The first thing that came in to my mind was Michigan. Which to some people this might sound weird or stange. If you have been reading my blog for sometime you know that I use to live in Michigan a year ago.
Priscilla and me in Florida 2010
 Michigan is the home to my family. Also my beloved dog Priscilla. Who I had to leave behind when I moved last year. There not a day that goes by that I don't miss her. I was so lucky that my mother in law Peggy was able to take her in. Even thought Priscilla was going to be staying with my MIL Peggy. It still broke my heart to have to say good bye to her. I cry my eye out for day. With having the internet I'm still able to see pictures of Priscilla. Which ever time I see a new picture of her. I get overly happy.  One day I do plan to bring Priscilla over to Germany with me.
Florida 2010
 With summer coming up. A lot more of us are going to be going on vacation. Which you might not be able to take your dog with you. I know how hard it can be to find some one to watch your dog.  With Dogvacay.com they have made it easy for us to find a pet sitter. 

Michigan 2012

What Dogvacay.com does
1. Find a dog sitter in your neighborhood
2. Schedule, Book and Pay Online
3. Send your pup on vacay!

They also give every dog personal attention. There no cages involved. They will follow your dog normal schedule. Your dog will also get tons of belly rubs.
To learn more about Dogvacay.com go hit up there site. 

What is your home away for home?