WIWW: On Wednesday We Wear Pink

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Pink Tank Top From VS~ 16.50 or 2 for 24
Pink Circle Gem Earring From Claire's~6.95 Euro(9.42Dollars)
Pink Headband From Target~0.50 cents
Guess Pink Wedge From DSW~41.96 
Hello Everyone, First off I want to thank you all for your nice and sweet comments on yesterday post. It seem like this week is turning in to a rediscover clothes week. If you have been reading my blog. Then you know that I put myself on a shopping ban. I'm happy to tell you all on Monday I hit 30 days without buy any new clothes. Also right now I'm 44 days with out buying any new shoe.
Today rediscover items is my white semi-sheer top that I got from Kmart during the Fashion Blogger Style off. That I did back in 2012. The last time I wore this shirt was June 2013. I so plan on wearing this top a lot more this spring and summer time. 
pleated poppy

Shout out to my Oma. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing one.