WIWW: Interview: Hopeful Kiss A Pink Lipstick Life!

by Amy Fashion Blog

Silver Necklace~16.99 C/0 Kmart
Hoop Earring From CR~4.00
Stud Earrings Gift From Nicole of NYC on my Mind
Black Headband Gift From Galaxia of Hopeful Kiss A Pink Lipstick Life! 
Pink Prada Glasses
 Black Italian Shoe Maker Wedges From The Px~ 29.12

 Hello Everyone. The weather has become nice again. Which I love. So for today outfit I decide to pull my black maxi dress out. Which I haven't worn since last June. Since it wasn't warm for bare arm. I throw on this jean jacket that I got from Old Navy a few years ago. Which it  has been sitting in the closet for a year and half. 
Also today outfit make my 600th outfit that I have remixed. Since I have start my blog. It just show you the right piece can go a long way. 
Galaxia of Hopeful Kiss A Pink Lipstick Life!
 I got the chance recently to interview Galxia blogger and owner of Hopeful Kiss A Pink Lipstick Life! 

How did you come up with the idea to open up your shop?
I came up with the idea to open my shop because of my blog readers! Especially when a lot of my international readers would comment that they liked the lipsticks I was featuring, but that the brands were hard to find or very expensive in their countries. And no matter where you live, most companies don't offer the opportunity to sample a lipstick before buying a full size. The idea just hit me and I had to try to help! :)

Have you thought about add other color lipstick to your shop beside pink?
I actually have added a red-orange OCC Lip Tar to my shop! I'm definitely thinking about adding other colors from my best-selling brands, like YSL and Urban Decay, too.

What is you favorite brand of lipstick?
It's so tough to pick a favorite lipstick brand! haha But for luxury, I love YSL; for mid-range I love MAC; for drugstore I love Revlon ♥

  How much time to you spend on your blog and your shop?
Yikes, I spend a lot of time on my shop and blog. It's tough because I'm a mom, wife, homeowner, etc...but I love it. Doing this makes me really happy and it's like my "me time"...a little escape from the day-to-day stuff. I'd say I spend only 20 hours a week on it because I need my sleep! It could easily become a full-time job though HAHA!

 If you get a chance please go check out her blog and shop. Come back next week for a review on NYC Flirty 417 that Galaxia sent me from her shop. I'm wearing this lipstick in this post. 


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