My Frist Time Tag (1200 Post)

by Amy Fashion Blog

  Hello Everyone. Today's post makes my 1200 post on my blog.  I ran my first 5k yesterday. Which I will tell you more on that during the week. If you follow me on Instagram. Then you might have saw the picture of me crossing the finish line. 

 I was tag last week by Galaxia of Hopeful Kiss A Pink Lipstick Life! To do my first tag. This should be fun and interesting. So lets get started. 

first best friend

My first best friend was JK. We were friend all the way thru high school. Now we don't talk to each other. We are Facebook friends. So we get to see what each other are up to. 

first record ever bought

Hmm. This is a hard one. Going to have to say Usher. 

first school crush

Sadly I can't tell you because I don't even remember.

first kiss

Was with a guy named G. When I was in middle school.

first celebrity crush

Justin Timberlake.  I had all my bedroom wall covered in magazine picture of him.

first pet

A black poodle named Kelly.

first gadget

 Either my game boy or my boombox 

first big purchase

My Ford Focus. Which I sold when I lived in Michigan.

first blog post

 Friday, July 23, 2010

Amy Fashion Blog

This Blog is going to show my fashion. Also what I wear on a everyday basic to work and just chilling at home. I will tell you how much it cost me. Also the stores I got the items at. I started this blog because I love showing off my outfits. I hope you enjoy.

first make-up
It was a bottle of nail polish. 

I tag everyone. Who would to do this tag.