WIWW:Rainy Day

by Amy Fashion Blog

Pink Prada Glasses
 Earring Birthday Gift From Camille(Weekend Style Book.)(26)
Pink Umbrella From DSW~14.99
Pink Coach Tennis Shoe V-day Gift From Hubby

Hello Everyone. This morning my hubby had a dr.'s appt. When we left the house it was raining. So I took my umbrella with me. Since I had no hood. When I put this outfit together this morning I was just going to wear the sweater and the scarf. That all change when I walked outside. It was to cold to just wear a sweater. So I came back in the house and grabbed my white puffer vest. Which I haven't done an outfit post with it in 4 years. I have worn it off the blog a few times last year. Also this purple sweater is a rediscover item. It has been exactly one year since I have worn it last. I have a hard time remixing this sweater and I have no idea why. 

 pleated poppy