Lock Bridge

by Amy Fashion Blog

Outfit Detail See this post here and here. Looking at all the locks.
Hello Everyone. Today is more of my Day 2 in Paris. Before we saw the Cathedrale Notre 
Dame. We stop at the lock bridge. Where we all put a locks on it. This was another item on my list that I want to do and wasn't going to leave Paris until I did it. There is over 8000 locks on the one side of the bridge. The side I put my lock on there was over 2000 on the side I put my lock on. 

 If you look closely you can see the number. Which stand for how many lock are on it.

I spent a good amount of my time here. Looking at all the different lock people put on the bridge. Some are hand written  Also some are even engraved. I wish I would have took a picture of the lock I put on the bridge. I hand wrote A&A 4 Forever on the lock. Which is the first letter of mine and hubby name.
Looking for a spot to put my lock at.

Putting my lock on.

Lock is done. More in likely telling my Hubby something in this picture. 

Time to throw the key in the water. 

Getting ready to throw it in the water.
Off the key goes. 

If you haven't heard the story of the lock bridge you can read it here
Looking at the locks some more as we go to the Cathedrale Notre