Closet Tour 2014

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. If you have been around my blog for a few years. Then you know I move around a lot due to my husband job. Which it can be nice at times and also a pain in the butt. Specially when it comes to housing my clothes.  I have been wanting to do a Germany closet tour for sometime now. So after I cleaned out my closet at the beginning of the year. I finial was able to get a picture of everything. 

Which with every move it seem my closet gets smaller and smaller. When I first start my blog I lived in Florida. Which in Florida I had a huge closet I shared with my hubby. Which we didn't even have enough clothes to fill the whole closet up. You can see the Florida closet post  here and here. After living in Florida for 3 years. We moved to Michigan. Which in Michigan the walk in closet was so small. My husband and me couldn't even share. So he took the master closet and I took the guest bedroom closet. You can see the closet and a video on the Michigan Closet here.
After living in Michigan for a year and a half. We moved back to Germany.  Which this time around we didn't get a house with closet in it.  So we had to go out and buy wardrobe closet to fix are stuff.  My husband job gave us three to use. Which wasn't enough for all are clothes and jackets. So we went out yard sale shopping and find 2 more wardrobe closet for under 30 dollars. 

That still wasn't enough room. So we had to go out and buy drawers. Believe it or not my husband has more cloths then me. He has 2 and half wardrobe closet for is clothes. Plus a full dresser with his clothes in it. So now on to what you all have been waiting for the closet tour. 

This is my wardrobe closet. We had a shoe rack we weren't using. So I put it in my closet to hold my hoodie. Which this work better and looks nicer then the shoebox I was previous using.
Also to add some more room in to my tiny wardrobe closet. I use the skirt hanger that you can hang on top of each other. Also in my closet I have a pink bow scentportable that I got from Janna Of  View From the 512 during are stocking stuffer swap. Inside of the scentportable I have a bath and bodyworks sweet pea in there. That my best friend Janet got for me for Christmas. She sent me 5 of them. So I'm stocked for sometime now. 

The only clothing items that doesn't fit in my shrunks is my dresses. Those live inside of one of my husband  shrunks. Which he doesn't mind sharing one of his shrunks with me. I know it hard to see my dresses in this shrunks but if you look closely you will spot them. 

 We are lucky to have a bed that has two drawer on each side of it. Which helps when you have a tiny place to work with. On the side I sleep are my two drawers. Which in them I have one drawer for solid shirt and tanks. The other drawer holds all my graphic tanks and tee. I have been folding my shirt like this for year. Pinterest has tons of ideas to fold shirt.
 For the longest time here in Germany I had my tights in baskets. Well it was driving me nuts. So one day I got to idea to use a desk organizer to hold my tights. Which this work perfectly. Not only are the out of basket. They also have a home to live in. I organized my tights by color. After I figured out my color layout. I rolled the tights up and put them in the desk organizer. Then I put the organize in my swimsuit/white and black cami drawer. 

I hope you all liked seeing my Germany closet tour and maybe you got some storage ideas from this post. I plan on doing an update on my Shoe collection. So be on the look out for that. For now you can look at my 2013 shoe collection. Which my shoe collection has grown from last year.