Valentine Box Swap

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone.  I decide to join in on the Valentine's Day Box Swap with Rachael of The Rachael way  ,Ashleigh of  The Darling Prepster, and Mandee of Life,Chaos and Quotes.
I was partner up with Tiffany of Endless Bliss. I had so much fun getting to know Tiffany. I learn that she was born here in Germany. So of course I had to send her some German chocolate. I also learn she doesn'tlike oreos cookie.  We talk back and forth for a few week and got to know a good amount of stuff about each other. Like we both have some kind of ties to the military.

Tiffany find out my love for pink by reading my blog and of course I told her. So she got me a good amount of pink items.

I got
~ A Peach Jones New York Scarf~ Which I didn't own any like this~ Can't wait to rock it out
~Betsey Johnson pink with bird cage wristlet
~Pink tennis ball for Priscilla~ Which I thought it was so sweet of her to send my dog a gift
~3 Elf Nail Polish~ So can't wait to paint my nail with these
~3 Musketeers Bar~ Which I love these~I already ate it
~You're a Hoot cookie tin with a chocolate chip cookie inside.~ I got a kick out of the cookie tin~ specially since I have start to have a thing for Owls
~Ferrero Rocher Candy~ My all time favorite candy~ Best part not that much calories in them for one
~Louisiana Post Card~ Which I will be hanging up on my bulletin board with my other post card and cute cards I got. I sent her a Germany Post Card.

I had so much fun doing this swap. I used to do these kind of swap with a group of military wife and girlfriend. This is my second time doing a blog swap. 

Also stay tune in a couple week Tiffany will be doing a guest post for me. 

You can see what I got Tiffany HERE.

My Hubby know the key to my heart. New Coach shoe.

Tomorrow days 27 and 28 of 30x30 will be up