30 for 30 Recap for 2014

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. As most of you know I just finish up my 30 for 30 last week. I had so much fun doing this but I'm glad to have my all my clothes and shoe back. With doing this 30 for 30 I rediscover 3 items that I hadn't worn in a few year. Also I learn that a Chambray shirt goes with a lot of things. I have no idea why I didn't start wearing this shirt after I brought it in March. I didn't start wearing it until December.

Another thing I learn is my  brown vest can go with a good amount of  clothes I have. Another item that was sitting in the closet with the tags on it. Also with doing this 30 for 30 it got me to pattern mix. Which I never did before. That happen on day 26.  

Outfit I disliked
Day 19~ The outfit idea was good in my head but didn't turn out all that well. I think the plaid shirt needed to be longer. 

Outfit I loved
Day 11, 25, 29

I wore every items twice beside my Hot Pink Skirt. It's one item that I have to figure out what else to wear with it. Plus if it was warm I think I would have been able to do more with it.