Yellow Bird

by Amy Fashion Blog

Teal Tank Top From Target~5.00
Wallflower Double Bling Belt Skinny Jean From The Px-29.00
 Elephant Necklace From Bed Bath and Beyond~3.17
Circle Bronze Earrings Hand me Down From MIL Peggy
Plaid Rain Boots From The PX~18.74

Hello Everyone. I wore this outfit the other day to meet up with a friend for lunch. All I knew that day was I want to wear my rain boots. Since it was raining out. So I based my outfit around my boot. Its hard to see in the picture but they are beige, grey, blue and black. So I decide to wear this beige cardigan. Which it has been over a year since I have worn it last. Since I don't own the same blue in the boots. I went with this teal tank to go under the cardigan. 

My friend was nice and took picture of me outside of a day care center in the mall. Tomorrow starts off my 30 for 30. So get ready to see a lot of the same clothing piece over and over.