Day 11 30x30: Pin it and Did it: Organization

by Amy Fashion Blog

Flower Earring From CR~4.00-40% Employee Discount
2 Pink Beads Bracelets Birthday Gift From Scribble(26)
Pink Neon Knit Bracelet From  Epic Stitching won on Penniless Socialite November Giveaway 
Pink Neon Jelly Bracelet Not Sure Where it Came From 
 Pink Butterfly Necklace Christmas Gift From Scribble(2012)
Pink Ribbon Came off a Gift I got from Vs~ FREE
Uggs Boot Christmas Gift From Hubby(2007)

Hello Everyone. I have been loving my chambray shirt. I don't know why I waited so long to wear it. The only downsize to the one I own is it a little small for me in the sleeve.So I rolled the sleeve up for this outfit.  When I brought this shirt. It was right before my move to Germany so I didn't try it one. I wish I did. I plan on buying another one from Old Navy after 30x30. With a gift card I got from my dad for Christmas. I'm going to get in a big size. I'm think a large this time. It will be a little big but it will be fine. Yesterday I picked up an orange camper shirt from the recycling center and it is an Old Navy x-large. Which it is big for me but I will make it work. Plus that shirt doesn't brake my 30x30 because it was free. I love the recycling center. You can find so many cool item there and the best part is there free. 

Source (on the Left) Mine are in the middle and right
Source (on the Left) Mine is on the  right
For this week Pin it and Did it. I pick to do some organization project. My new year resolution is to be more organized.  So the first one I did was I use egg cartons to pack my small Christmas ornament in. Which I did this at the being of the month. The second one I did was I used a kleenex box to hold grocery bag in. On Tuesday we brought a mini fridge off a guy. Who was moving back to the state. We decide to put the fridge in the only closet in are house. Which is right off the kitchen. This closet holds all the trash can. Hubby was move everything to put the fridge in to the new place. Since my left rib cage was hurting. Due to I slept on it wrong.  As he was moving stuff he was like why in the world do we have so many bags. He said just keep the bio bag. So Yesterday I went thru all the bag and only kept the good bio bags. Which we use for are bio trash.  After I went thru all the bags. I folded them up and put them in the kleenex box. Which now sits on top of the fridge. Also having them in the Kleenex box make the room look nicer.


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