WIWW:30x30 Day 3: WWP( Wounded Warrior Project)

by Amy Fashion Blog

 UA Grey and Pink WWP T-Shirt From The PX~16.57
UA Performance Cold Gear White long Sleeve From The Px~40.00
Wallflower Double Bling Belt Skinny Jean From The Px-29.00
Pink Ribbon Came From a Christmas Gift a Few Year Ago~FREE
Pink Prada Glasses
Pink Pretzel  Earring From Orsay~2.00 Euro(2.71 Dollars)
Custom Grey Made Uggs From Burresi~219.00 Euro(296.91 Dollars)

 pleated poppy

Hello Everyone. Today I deep clean my house. Which was much needed. I'm still finding fake Christmas tree pine in a lot of room. Also there glitter still on the floor. I keep sweeping and mop. One day I will have it all cleaned up. Since I have been clean all morning. I want my outfit to be comfortable but still fun. So I decide to wear my pretzel earring. Which I pick up at orsay last Friday. They had all different color one. If you been reading my blog then you know I have a huge obsession with the color pink. So of course I had to get the pink one. 

Pretzel are a huge part of Germany. You can get them at every summer fest they have here. Also at bakery. Last summer I got a huge pretzel  and hubby/me couldn't eat it all. That how big it was. If you every come to Germany you must try a pretzel. Also make sure you get a bier with it. 

For my shirt I'm wearing is a Wounded Warrior Project item that Under Armors has. I'm a big support of this cause. I can't tell you how many shirt and hoodie I own that are WWP. Also hubby support this cause as well and has many items from the Under Armor WWP clothing line. We support this cause for main reason. So if you get a chance go check out Under Armor WWP Clothing line and the WWP website.

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